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Benefits Of Effective Social Media Management Services

How Can We Help You with Paid Marketing and Lead Generation?

AdWords/Meta Account Audit:

We do detailed audit for your accounts in terms of Location, Language, Search vs. Display, Mobile user, size of the ad groups, Topic, Numbers of ads, Keywords, Search query, conversion tracking and ad extensions and ROI etc.

Audience Analysis:

We study your ideal customers to tailor our lead generation strategy.

Identify Leads:

Using research, we find potential customers with similar traits.

Campaign Setup

We setup detailed campaign as per your business goal and retargeting to boost sales.

Track Results

Real-time reports help refine content and identify promising leads.

Monthly Reports

We provide detailed summaries of our actions and campaign results.

Our Certifications

Tool We Use!

Our Precious Clients

We’re trusted by 500+ businesses. Our team of lead generation experts has a proven track record of successfully generating leads for businesses in automotive, healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, jewelry, IT, digital, and many other sectors.

We provide a 360-degree digital marketing solution with the experience of 10+ years in more than 15+ industries with clients across the world. From global giants like Mercedes GlobalStar, Porsche, BMW, and HCC to small-scale companies or startups and many institutions like SMS-Lucknow, Mount Litera,, and Itsmycostume, We have served different clients hailing from diverse industries. Here's a look at the clients we've worked with.

Client Testimonials

What is Social Media Optimization and How does it Work?

Social Media Optimization puts the brand’s image in limelight, making it the center of attention. SMO services handle your social media accounts and populate pages with the right content, promote it among groups, create the strong following and build trust in your brand.

We, as a leading Social Media Optimization Agency, make the best use of social media - 
●Brand Management:- We create or update your social media pages. 
●Content marketing :- Our team of best content writers builds a direct connection with your target audience. 
●Original & Creative social media posts sharing 
●Driving traffic - We create posts and boost them organically to improve your social media presence. 
●Regular social media monitoring & providing Weekly/ Monthly Report.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Optimization Services?

In today’s world, Over 90% of the target audience can be seen online on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. This is where we draw their attention to promote the clients’ brand or product.

●It helps to increase your social media followers 
●It helps to increase Social Media trust 
●You can communicate with your followers 
●You can redirect traffic to your website 
●It helps to increase online reputation & brand loyalty 
●Increase earning from Social Channels

Why BookMyAd for Social Media Optimization?

We have the expertise to start, sustain and increase your relationships with followers, users, guests, etc. Our Social media optimization services have helped small businesses, as well as some medium and big firms, gain attention and active leads that have been easily converted into sales opportunities. 
We offer affordable social media optimization services in India and offer low cost social media optimization packages so every business can get fruitful results. 

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