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BOOK MY AD enables you to choose from a plethora of leading newspapers in India to get your ad published. A simple and convenient procedure will help you to achieve your goals. You just need to click on the BOOKMYAD section of the website and provide detailed information regarding your requirements. Rest of the work will be undertaken by the organization’s highly efficient team.

If you desire to present an effective Ad, the following guidelines will help you:
Present detailed information in your Ad in order to achieve maximum response.
Appropriate categorization is justified.
Take care to provide accurate contact details.

Classified Display Ads are characterized with higher visibility and are upgraded through utilization of images or logos before being published. Meanwhile the Display Ads are expensive, big budget ads which can be published on any page. These are usually found near editorial write ups. Expert Advertisers customarily prioritize these types of ads.

BOOKMYAD lets you save your ad and ensures payment at your ease. Clients’ have the option to make payment at any suitable time before 3 days of the publishing date.

Apart from the heavy discount that BOOKMYAD provides to customers, the organization is an epitome of creativity. Clients’ are invited to try its compose-ad-page to check out various styling options and/or templates. Further, it also cooperates with you regarding viewing your ad while editing with our ‘wysiwug’ technology.

Yes, definitely. BOOKMYAD offers you complete freedom to choose multiple publications/newspapers and make payments accordingly. Consumers also have the alternative option of composing multiple ads for single or multiple publications. However, we don’t recommend it as advertisements can be mixed with wrong publication also.

We acknowledge the complexity involved with choosing a publication which is suitable in terms of cost, circulation and location. Thus, we offer some brilliant options on the selection page. Clients are encouraged to choose the search list which provides them the best ROI.

Along with the benefit of saving your ad for publishing later, BOOKMYAD offers clients the option to browse through the history of their published or created ads. Further, you can select any of the previous ads in order to edit or republish them.

Apart from the regular benefit of getting your ad published free of cost, you can benefit from the classified ads posted by various users on BOOKMYAD. We not only ensure your search to be target oriented but also provide exceptional services.

Payment can be done online through Credit Card (Visa/ Mastercard/ Ecard) or Netbanking.
Payment can be done through cheque or DD in favor of 'Book My Ad Pvt. Ltd.'
Consumers are also offered the option of availing Cash-At-Home facility regarding the Delhi/NCR region.
For more details visit Payment Details.

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