What is Outdoor Advertising OOH ? Types, Example, and importance in 2023.

Oct 25, 2023

What is Outdoor Advertising OOH ? Types, Example, and importance in 2023.

In the fast-paced digital age, outdoor advertising, also known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, stands as a timeless and impactful method of reaching a wide audience.

WHAT IS OUTDOOR ADVERTISING (OOH)? : Outdoor advertising or Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising is undoubtedly an evergreen advertising strategy loved by the customers all over the globe.

OOH advertising is a type of advertising that targets consumers while they are outside of their homes. This can include billboards, digital screens, bus shelters, posters, wallscapes, street furniture, and venues such as sports stadiums and concert halls. OOH advertising is a highly effective way to reach a large audience and can be used to promote a wide range of products and services.


Outdoor advertising can be placed along highways, near stores or educational institutions, on mobile billboards, almost anywhere the law permits. While billboards are the most popular form of outdoor ads, digital out-of-home advertising is the fastest growing one. Types -

1. Billboards:

Billboards, also known as Hoardings, are generally located in high traffic areas such as along highways or near shopping malls to attract the attention of the highest number of drivers and pedestrians.

a) Static Billboards: You might have come across a billboard now and then, right? Billboards are giant posters that are displayed in some of the most popular locations in the area.

b) Mobile billboards: There are some graphics and advertisement options that are often seen on trucks and buses, and they seem to be mobile. So any form of advertising media which is mobile can be used as Outdoor media.

c) Digital billboards: You might have seen a proper digital billboard that has different advertisements every single time.This is another one of the fantastic advertisements which tend to provide some great results to the company that is doing the ads for sure. So, there is no doubt that this one is worth a shot.

2. Transit Advertising: This includes ads on buses, trains, and other public transportation vehicles. Dynamic and unmissable, these ads travel with the audience.

3. Street Furniture Advertising:

These ads are on public fixtures like benches, kiosks, and even trash cans. They blend seamlessly with the urban landscape.

4. Guerrilla Advertising:

A more unconventional approach, guerrilla advertising uses surprise and creativity to engage the audience. This can include flash mobs, street art, or other unconventional methods.

5. Innovation in Moving OOH:

Another trend in digital OOH advertising for 2023 is the so-called Mobile Billboard. This advertising is based on integrating a billboard or a screen that transmits an advertisement to a vehicle. Typically, this type of advertising is usually on buses, cabs or in trucks.

6. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH):

In the digital age, DOOH is thriving. Screens in malls, airports, and transit hubs display dynamic, eye-catching content. They provide real-time data, enabling advertisers to tailor their message accordingly. The DOOH element of the industry is growing quickly.


Amul Brand Creative OOH : Amul, has a rich history and special bond with OOH as a medium that combined with clever visuals has helped the brand solidify its position in the minds of the consumers.

Netflix's Interactive Bus Stop Ads: Netflix's interactive bus stop ads engaged people with games and puzzles related to their shows. It transformed a routine wait into an interactive experience, creating a buzz around their series.

Bus Shelter Advertising:

Bus shelters are places where a large number of people gather while waiting for buses.

Road Median Advertising:

Road Medians are small-sized boards placed on the dividers between the roads. These are usually cheaper and can be used in large numbers to create repeated impact.

Pole Kiosk Advertising:

Pole kiosks are mounted on the poles between and beside the roads.

Metro Pillar Advertising:

With the Metro railway covering many parts of the tier 1 cities, metro pillar advertising has emerged as a popular option for outdoor advertising.


High Visibility:

OOH ads reach audiences where they live, work, and play, ensuring maximum visibility.

Complementing Digital Campaigns:

OOH complements digital strategies. For example, a billboard can prompt people to search for a brand on their smartphones.


Advanced data analytics and technology allow precise geotargeting, ensuring ads reach the right audience in the right location.


Real-time data means OOH ads can respond quickly to changing circumstances, like offering weather-appropriate clothing during a sudden cold snap.


OOH ads are hard to ignore and often become memorable. Their impact can be long-lasting.


Choosing the right outdoor advertising service provider can make all the difference in how effective your campaign is. You should consider the following factors when selecting an outdoor advertising agency: –

>>Busier locations are better than more locations.

>>Creativity and innovation in campaign design Understanding of your brand and target audience

>>Data is a key tool: Make sure your message is simple & understandable easily.

OOH advertising is one of the fastest growing platforms due to its huge public reach and large numbers of traditional and innovative Outdoor advertising options available in India.

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