Search for the best property via Newspaper!

Nov 23, 2018

Search for the best property via Newspaper!

You might feel like newspaper advertising has come down but this might intrigue you that in this internet era people still consider newspaper ads and trust them over the ads that pop up on the internet. Unlike online sites where buyers’ choice are limited to items that are restricted to their selected price and category, newspaper offers you a wide land of options to scan your eyes through with freedom. Thus, it is easy for you to make decisions wisely.

75% of the population has the habit of running their eyes through newspapers. Companies prefer newspaper for engaging customers and for better communication with them as it is an effective and result-oriented way of awaring people of your service or product. People are always searching for property ad in the newspaper in order to rent or buy a new place.

It will be advantageous for one to publish a property ad in Times of India , Hindustan Times, or any other national newspaper as it’s is much affordable than placing an ad in TV or radio and helps you with building a brand recognition.

There are few things that one should retain in mind and those are to keep your classified ad detail-oriented yet attractive and should include details about the booking period, the area covered, and amenities. It is convenient and attractive to place classified ads in the newspaper to aware people about your property and services. At, we help you with booking an advertisement in your preferred newspaper as per your budget in few simple steps where you have to choose your type and category, compose the ads with essential details, and make the payment (which can be done online). Our experts help you with booking and publishing your advertisement in a hassle-free way. Contact us to know more about our services.


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