Indian Newspaper Advertising: Ad Types, Tips, and Examples

Jan 15, 2021

Indian Newspaper Advertising: Ad Types, Tips, and Examples

We are all familiar with the pain and challenges of how to best reach the customers while launching a new business or expanding the existing one. With the constant changes in marketing and advertising, one might feel like it's hard to keep up with all the mediums and avenues to choose from. But despite an array of an option at our disposal, one channel that continues to be a worthwhile investment is the newspaper.
Whether you believe it or not but India has the second-largest market of Newspapers in the world as there are over 100,000 newspaper publications, 240 million circulations, the cherry on top:1300 million readers. Therefore one can easily be rendered to the conclusion that even in the world of social media, the print media in the form of the newspaper has not lost its glory and remains the foremost choice of the people.
What is Newspaper Advertising?
Newspaper advertising is one of the longest-running forms of advertising available for businesses to market their products and services via a section of classified ads. There are lots of variables that go into Newspaper ads, depending upon your aim and goals. But foremost, newspaper advertising runs an ad for your business in a publication-either digital or print.
It may all seem simple and straightforward but there are things every business owner needs to be aware of to effectively market and advertise in a news publication.
Types of Newspaper Advertising:
There are two main buckets-or categories-in which businesses can run their newspaper ad. Classified text, Classified Display, and Display. Bookmyad is the easiest and hassle-free option for you if you are looking to book any of the above-mentioned ads in the newspaper with just a few clicks online.
Classified Text:
Classified Text is the ad published in the newspaper in a very normal and simple mode. Generally, run-on-line advertisements are treated as Classified Text Ads. In this, these types of ad rates are charged on a per word, per line, and per-character basis.
Classified Display and Display:
Display classified ads are a more advanced version of classified text ads. This particular ad format is not limited to text or words or characters. You can design it in color or black and white with images and fonts. They are prominent compared to classified text ads due to the size and are measured per Ads are specific listings, charged by word count that are organized by various categories such as employment, matrimony, local activities, announcements, obituary, astrology, and many more.
Various Categories Under which you can book your Ad:
Entertainment/Commercial Personal (Events, entertainment-related ads that have a commercial background).
Public notice (Intended marriage notice, court notice, government announcements, etc).
Personal (Change of name, lost and found, etc).
Property (Accommodation wanted, available, for sale or rent)
Matrimonial (Wanted bride/wanted groom).
Business (proposal/offers, for sale, etc).
Recruitment (Vacancy/job wanted).
Education (admission open).
Travel (Tour packages, travel booking etc).
Service (Tally or data service-related ads).
Retail/shopping (online book purchase, apparel shopping etc).
Obituary (demise)
Tips for effective newspaper Advertising:
Below mentioned are the best newspaper advertising tips and tricks you need to know if you are going to pursue newspaper advertising as a channel.
1.Choose your newspaper carefully-
What you need to understand is that not every newspaper is the same. Every business owner can advertise on Facebook, as long as they don't narrow their audience. But not every business can or should advertise in a local newspaper. Choose wisely according to the region, circulation and readership. Not only will the advertising in the local newspaper be cheaper, but it will also be a more focused approach. You need to think about the kind of audience you are catering towards and want to reach. Therefore one needs to choose the newspaper wisely and create a plan of action for the same.
For example, if you want to publish a Matrimonial ad in Punjab then the best newspaper will be Punjab Kesari as it has the highest readership rate in Punjab.
2.Do your Research-
It is very important to research your newspaper options and negotiate rates, but it is equally important to research. if you are an aspirant looking for a job or want to publish a recruitment ad then Saturday will be more effective for you than any other day. therefore it is important to effectively research your ad. many publications also publish different pullouts in respect of categories, for eg, The Times of India publish Property pullout on Friday in Bangalore and Delhi it is published on Saturday.
3. Don't skimp on design-
It is very imperative to grab the attentional of the audience even though they may be naturally more engaged in the content. You need to think creatively and focus on attracting the audience with the headline, catchy slogans and beautiful imagery they can remember. Your message needs to be short but still informative enough to empower the audience to take your desired action. Most of the newspaper ads fail when businesses run ads with mediocre copy and inferior visual design.
4. Composing Ads-
Composing ads is a very important job in terms of the effectiveness of the published advertisement. it is very imperative to maintain punctuation, spelling and proper space for generating a sense of dependency among readers. In case of Matrimonial ads, it is very important to mention age, height, education qualification or professional details and sharing if any special preferences are there like separated, NRI, physical disabilities and medical conditions etc.
In an obituary and remembrance ad do not forget to mention the name and date of death of the deceased person and not mention the reason for the death as it is prohibited in the publication. Also do not skip to mention the contact details as people won't be able to contact you for your business reason.
Example of Newspaper Advertising :
For Sale
Maruti Suzuki Zen is available for sale, 900 Cc, New Tyre’s, Scratch less body, insured with all required documents, inbuilt music system, run 15000 km, single-handed, mint condition for Rs. 1 lac only, interested buyers may contact Mr Ravi @92xxxxxx or meet personally after 5 o’clock in the evening.
Wanted Wholesale and bulk traders as working partners who understand the product and scale-up. Finance and Infrastructure provided. Call: 9800000000.
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