Red FM, Delhi

Language : Hindi

Frequency : 93.5



About Red FM, Delhi


Why Advertise In Red FM, Delhi

  • Utilize Red FM advertising to build business and change the way people feel about your business.
  • Red FM in Delhi enables you to generate a response from specific audience and helps bring your core message to life.
  • Placing creative ads in Red FM gives your brand a comprehensive and efficient coverage across Delhi to deliver high level of cost-effective response.
  • Red FM is immediate and flexible; campaigns can be booked and on air within 24 hours, a copy can be changed to respond to changing trading environments very promptly.
  • Retarget with Red FM in Delhi. Deliver your Radio commercials with 100% accuracy to people who've recently shopped and searched online for what you've got to offer.
  • Red FM in Delhi has helped national brands and direct marketers boost sales and drive web traffic through powerful brand-building and direct response Radio advertising campaigns. Red FM in Delhi has created and placed Radio promotions to help clients integrate their brand message.


Cost Of Red FM Advertising In Delhi

We can guide you in buying Radio airtime and the costs associated with it. Find the Rates in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Additional costs such as gaining copy clearance or ad distribution are also something to consider, but by choosing to work with us and accessing our full range of services, we keep total costs down and provide you with very competitive rates. This means you will have more to spend where it matters - your campaign.



How Bookmyad Can Help You

In our very first conversation together, we'll ask direct questions to help us determine whether Radio advertising is a good fit for you. If it is, our advertising agency will devote its full resources to place your Radio commercial on the Radio stations most likely to get the results you need to call your Radio advertising campaign a success.Then, we'll scale your Radio advertising campaign as big – and as fast – as your appetite for growth allows. We ensure that your budget is well spent. We guarantee you the best rates for Radio advertising.


IRS Data :

Radio Station Listenership
Radio Mirchi 4461000
Red / Suryan 3563000
Big FM 3713000
Radio City 2762000
Fever / Aahaa FM 2792000
Radio One 1911000
Hit 2628000

Show Times :

Show Time Rj
Atthani Chavani 03:00PM - 05:00PM, Mon-Fri RJ Sachin
Punjabi By Proffession 08:00AM - 10:00AM, Sun RJ Sachin
Drama Queens 01:00PM - 03:00AM, Mon-Fri RJ Swathi
Superhit Top 30 08:00AM - 11:00AM, Sun RJ Swathi 11:00AM - 01:00PM, Mon-Fri RJ Rocky
Midnight Masala 09:00PM - 12:00AM, Mon-Fri RJ Heena
DL 935 5 PM - 9 PM Mon - Sat RJ Kisna
5 PM - 9 PM RJ Kisna
Morning No.1 8 AM - 11 AM, Mon- Sat RJ Raunac
Top RJs and Shows
Frequently Asked Questions

How many days prior we have to schedule booking?

BOOK MY AD takes a booking in 3 working days before if the radio jingle is already prepared. If Saturday and Sunday are coming between booking dates then we take order 5 days prior. The case in which the jingle is not prepared then we will be taking 3 working days for preparing the jingle.

We share the ads spot timings on a daily basis through which one can track the number of spots played during the campaign. Our Advertising agency shares a Broadcast Certificate at the end of the campaign. The Broadcast Certificate is issued at the letterhead of the Broadcaster. The Broadcast Certificate is auto-generated proof of the campaign which displays the exact number of spots aired with the precise time. We can ask for the recording of a few spots at the request of the advertisers.

How do I get listenership for a FM radio station?

The number of listeners for a particular radio station can be determined by RAM.. This is a paid service and is available for free for 4 cities in India at E4M. You can check listenership data for FM stations in Delhi, FM stations in Bangalore, FM stations in Mumbai and FM stations in Kolkata.

How can I get the Value ads to condense my campaign?

The Radio Advertising Rates will vary from package to package.

  • If the campaign size is more than 1 lakh, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags as a Value Ad Free of Cost but it entirely depends on the availability.
  • If the campaign size is up to 5 lakh, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ mention as a Value Ad Free of Cost but it entirely depends on the availability.
  • If the campaign size is up to 8 lakh, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ mention, Conest as a Value Ad Free of Cost but it entirely depends on the availability.
  • If the campaign size is more than 8 lakh, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ mention, Conest and Interview as a Value Ad Free of Cost but it entirely depends on the availability.

How much does it cost to advertise on FM radio?

FM Radio advertising cost starts at Rs 30 per 10 sec and goes upto Rs 2,100 for a 10 sec ad. FM Radio advertising rate is always mentioned as cost for playing your 10 sec once on a FM station. You can get the complete list of FM Radio stations in India at BOOKMYAD.

What if an advertiser wants to book a specific ad when the ad breaks are going on?

  • The advertiser can choose a specific spot for placing the ads by paying a premier over and above the normal cost of advertising.
  • The premium percentage ranges from 50-100% depending on the stations and market.

How much does it cost to run a 30 second radio ad?

Advertising rate for a 30 sec ad on a FM station would be three times that of the advertising rate card.

How to give advertisement in FM Radio?

For giving an ad in FM Radio all you need to do is try to reach a radio advertising agency. The agency will help you by suggesting appropriate Radio Station for your advertisement as well as getting the best rates for your FM advertising. BOOKMYAD by virtue of being a leading radio advertising agency with its offices in Delhi can provide the best planning support as well as best FM radio advertising rate.

How can I get my Radio jingle recorded?

You can get your radio jingle recorded either through a professional studio or through the radio stations. Most radio advertising agencies help advertisers in getting their jingle recorded.

What happens in the case when the ad is not played or is dropped down due to inventory crunch?

In the case the advertisement is dropped down, the advertiser chooses from the below-listed options.

  • The advertiser has an option to ask the broadcaster to schedule the dropped spot on the next date or any other date with the same time as he/she desires.
  • The advertiser can claim for the refund for the part of dropped spots.

Who are few of the popular RJs in FM Radio in India?

List of few popular RJs in India FM Radio stations.

RJ Name Station City
1 RJ Naveed Radio Mirchi Delhi
2 Disha Oberoi Red FM Bangalore
3 Danish Seth Radio Fever Bangalore
4 RJ Jeeturaaj Radio Mirchi Mumbai
5 RJ Raunac Red FM Delhi
6 RJ Ajai Red FM Chennai
7 RJ Malishka Red FM Mumbai
8 RJ Soniya Red FM Pune
9 RJ Michelle Radio Indigo Bangalore
10 RJ Shiv Radio City Hyderabad
11 RJ Somak Radio Mirchi Kolkata
12 RJ Bobby Radio Mango Kochi
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1 6. Radio One
1 7. Red FM
1 8. Radio Fever
1 9. Hello FM
1 10. Big FM
1 11. Radio City
1 12. Radio Mango
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1 14. Rangile FM
1 15. Radio Nasha
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