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Gujarati Daily

Gujarati Mid Day newspaper is the popular daily of Mumbai. It belongs to India’s leading communication group, Jagran Prakshan Ltd. The newspaper has sister publication, Mid Day. Gujarati Mid Day newspaper is published in Gujarati Language. The newspaper is mainly known for its colorful layout and entertaining content.

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Gujarati mid day

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Mid-day + Gujarati Mid-day - Mumbai

2 Newspaper Covered: Mid-day - Mumbai and Gujarati Mid-day - Mumbai

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Mid-day + Gujarati Mid-day + Inquilab - Mumbai

3 Newspaper Covered: Mid-day - Mumbai ,Gujarati Mid-day - Mumbai and Inquilab - Mumbai

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Gujarati mid - Day + Inquilab - Mumbai

2 Newspaper Covered : Gujarati mid-Day ( Mumbai ) + Inquilab - Mumbai

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Gujarati Mid-day - Mumbai

Gujarati Mid-day - Mumbai

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Q: Can I post my ad to multiple publications?

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Requires male/female Sales Coordinator, English speaking Telecallers and Computer typist. Good Salary. Walkin FF-20, Palika Bazar GT Road Ghaziabad. 9891750356
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